M6 Dauntless Airsoft Rifle
M6 Dauntless Airsoft Rifle

M6 Dauntless Airsoft Rifle

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Like nothing you've seen yet, the MILSIG HPA Airsoft platform combines simplicity, reliability, customizability, and compatibility in one platform. Our HeatCore® engine is internally regulated with only one dynamic seal for an extremely long service life, without the need for extra inline regulators, or complex air systems. Simply connect a standard 750+ psi air bottle and play. 

SIMPLE - The simplistic HeatCore® engine is comprised of a regulator/air valve body, a single piece bolt, and a return spring, making the internal maintenance of the M6 platform as simple as it can get.

SINGLE DYNAMIC SEAL - The HeatCore's single dynamic o-ring design makes diagnosis simple and keeps you on the field for longer than any other platform. Regular maintenance will take you less than 5 minutes.

AR HANDGUARD COMPATIBLE - Our Imperial threaded breach design allows the mounting of MOST standard AR-15 handguards with flawless monolithic rail alignment.

AEG BARRELS - Everyone has their own preference for inner barrels and hop up buckings, so we've made this standard with the use of a standard AEG barrel and bucking.

HOP UP ON THE FLY - Need to adjust your hop up? No problem, you can adjust on the fly without any teardown required.

ADJUSTABLE VELOCITY - Each M6 Dauntless comes with a fully adjustable velocity lock that allows you to adjust your velocity to your desired speed, and then lock it in place to avoid on-field adjustment.

MECHANICAL FULL AUTO - No wires, no batteries, no gimmicks. Our patented mechanical full auto system fires at up to 30 balls per second at 400 feet per second. 

  • Standard AEG Inner Barrels
  • Standard AEG Buckings
  • Standard HPA Bottles
  • Internal Regulator
  • Fully Mechanical
  • Up to 30BPS Full Auto
  • Two Pin Teardown
  • Only ONE Dynamic Seal
  • Adjustable Velocity
  • Built-in Velocity Lock
  • Multiple Stock Options
  • AR Handguard Compatible

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