M17A2 Players First® Pack PREORDER - SHIPPING Mid August

M17A2 Players First® Pack PREORDER - SHIPPING Mid August

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Looking to get set up and ready to play? The Players First® pack is your one-stop shop. Just grab a mask and go. 

You're smart, you already know that the M17A2 performs better than markers more than double its price, and you know that every single marker includes mechanical full auto at no extra cost. You did the research on that stuff already, so we don't need to tell you. 

You also already know that there are only two serviceable o-rings inside that last a really long time too so that you can stay on the field more. You did the research and saw that it was First Strike ready, has super fast teardown, and has tons of customization options. 

You know this all already because you're totally awesome.

Or you just want the killer deal. 

Probably both. 

The Players First® pack includes the following:
1x MILSIG M17A2 (and all factory accessories)
4x 20 round magazines (3 extra)
1x Ninja Ball Valve 13ci tank

All of this for only $379.99. RIDICULOUS!

* Players First® and MILSIG Direct Canada support the Ontario Paintball Players Association. Check out www.playersfirst.ca to become a part of the movement. 

* Players First® pack is not eligible for coupons or additional discounts

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Fun times

Just played my first day using my new M17A2 and it was a lot of fun. First time playing magfed and it’s just something else, everyone should try it!
Very reliable and easy to clean afterwards.

Had a few ball breaks because of sand in my mags (caused by my dump pouch) but they only affected the following ball, after that the barrel was self-cleaned enough that I could just keep playing.
Enough air in the included 13ci tank to fire my 6 mags.
Full-auto worked great until tank pressur was below 800, but I mostly play semi-auto to better use the limited ammo.

Highly recommend this kit!


Nice quality marker and very light. Magazines are very well built aswell.

Quality and Value

The M17A2 is a phenomenal marker for any magfed player. The all-mechanical full auto is a treat and feels extremely satisfying (although, you'll burn through your paint and air if you stay on it for too long). The shroud is a little short for my tastes at 5in but for those looking for a unique, compact design it is great. The maintenance of the marker is fast and simple, with only 2 or 3 areas that need oil treatment before or after your use of the marker. The magazines are well built and are also easy to maintain - in terms of reloading, they are far superior to any DMAG platform. To be sure, should you want to make modifications to your marker (e.g., changing the shroud or buttstock), the price of your setup will quickly add up. Nonetheless, as it stands, the player's first pack gives amazing and unbeatable value. An overall solid product.

Great, and accurate

Gun is great, no breaks so far. Beware of the sizer kit. It leaves a noticeable gap inside.
No other complaints.

Great package and gun

The package is an amazing deal and the gun is amazing to shoot

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