M17A2 Players Pack

M17A2 Players Pack

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Looking to get set up and ready to play? The Players Pack is your one-stop-shop. Just grab a mask and go. 

You're smart, you already know that the M17A2 performs better than markers more than double its price, and you know that every single marker includes mechanical full auto at no extra cost. You did the research on that stuff already, so we don't need to tell you. 

You also already know that there are only two serviceable o-rings inside that last a really long time too so that you can stay on the field more. You did the research and saw that it was First Strike ready, has super-fast teardown, and has tons of customization options. 

You know this all already because you're totally awesome.

Or you just want the killer deal. 

Probably both. 

The Players Pack includes the following:
1x MILSIG M17A2 (and all factory accessories) *Please note that the m17A2 no longer includes the BRH, or hopper kit
4x 20 round magazines (3 extra)
1x Ninja Ball Valve 13ci tank

All of this for only $449.99. RIDICULOUS!

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Customer Reviews

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Good customer service

Great deal and great product

I looked hard to find a legitimate bad review on this marker and I couldn't find one. The quality and reliability that you get is incredible for the price. You need to read a lot and watch their instructional videos for maintenance and tweaking but is something you must do if you don't want to mess it up and have the best performance. I am pleased with my purchase and I am recommending my friends to get one.

Good marker

Full auto a bit tricky to calibrate though


Very good

Everything I hoped it would be!

Well let me add some context to this review. I am 36. I first played paintball back in high school. 2000ish. My first gun was a Spyder.

I loved playing Paintball but I was getting really tired of how unrealistic paintball was. The guns were like something from sci-fi movie. Anyway, I moved on to airsoft for a while, eventually quitting all together. Fast forward to a year ago when I went to a bachelor party to play paintball. It was here I learned of Magfed paintball. It was EVERYTHING I loved about Paintball and airsoft combined. I did my research and heard of MilSig markers. I bought an M17a2 and it’s been amazing. The marker operates flawlessly for me. A short break in period and she’s wonderful. Still haven’t had a chip or a break yet. I run Graffiti paint. I’ve put a few FSR through it and the ability to play both paints is fantastic. Anyone looking to get into MagFed paintball owes it to themselves to get a MilSig. I’ve been playing every weekend since I got my marker and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon.

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