CATS (Combat Air Thru Stock) Gen 3
CATS (Combat Air Thru Stock) Gen 3

CATS (Combat Air Thru Stock) Gen 3

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The CATS (Combat Air Thru Stock) originated by MILSIG has such an amazing reputation that it is now used as a generic term for an air through stock. How cool is that?

The CATS has become the staple of air through stocks for may reasons. The reinforced attachment point removes un-necessary stress from ASA threads, while the air fitting offers a 60 degree rotation to avoid jamming into your wrist or creating an awkward angle when shooting.

Rotating fitting - The CATS offers a signature rotating fitting that moves as fluidly as you do. You wont have to worry about your remote lines sticking straight down into your wrist anymore. 

Lightweight - Weighing in at only 275 grams, the Generation 3 CATS is one of the lightest Air Thru buffer tube on the market. 

MilSpec - Using a standard MilSpec sizing pattern, you can add any MilSpec butstock to the CATS Buffer Tube. 

Rigid - Coupling the new lower rotation with a beefed up design, the Generation 3 CATS is the most rigid Air Thru stock we've made.

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Customer Reviews

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Exactly what I needed

There’s not much to say. It’s well built and functions exactly as it should. Built solid. No leaks. Makes my M17 much more usable with access to a larger tank.

Cats gen 3

I love it it was simple to install it's far better than other air thru stocks I've owned and the fact that your remote line isn't in the way because it can swivel from side to side makes it comfortable in just about any firing position changing stock position was a little hard at first but a little barrel lube got it sliding with no issue

Combat air through stock

Very nice stock.I do find that the adjustment knob is a bit stiff but the stock is brand new so it's to be expected.It has a few adjustments so it's comfortable.For the money it is a good stock and it works as advertised.

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