AirBlock for FxR
AirBlock for FxR

AirBlock for FxR

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Some things are better late than never. After several dozen re-designs, the air thru attachment for the FxR is now available.

This kit contains all parts necessary to add a 13 cubic inch air tank or Air Thru stock directly to your TiPX mounted inside an FxR body. 

Simple Installation.

Compatible with MILSIG MATS and Gen2 CATS stocks (Sold Separately).

Package contains:

  • FxR AirBlock
  • Internal air remote attachment
  • 6 AirBlock o-rings

Installation Instructions:

  • Begin by removing any existing remote line from your TiPX and installing the air pipe included with your AirBlock. You will need to install the five (5) o-rings into the o-ring grooves. The 4 o-rings on the AirBlock end serve as a redundancy, making a leak at the connection point almost impossible. Make sure you oil or grease these o-rings well before installation. 
  • Remove the original stock from your FxR by removing the two 3mm and two 2.5mm allen screws. Then install your TiPX into the FxR normally. 
  • Firmly press the AirBlock over the air pipe into the back of the FxR body. Don’t worry if you pinch an o-ring during this process, thats why there’s several redundant o-rings in that area.
  • You will be able to visually confirm when the AirBlock is in place when you see that all of the stock mounting screw holes line up. 
  • Reinstall the four (4) mounting screws, then install your 13ci tank and MATS system. 
  • The only step left is to go shoot your friends with it (preferably while using proper protective equipment at a paintball field).

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