Where does your money go?

We’re all on a quest to make sure our money ends up in the right hands. This shift in spending culture is perhaps one of the greatest things that have happened in our times. Let's face it, we know you guys vote with your wallets. 

It’s been a top priority since day one to offer an unmatched level of service. Whether it be answering questions, technical support, getting parts in time for game day, or just building the perfect marker, the level of service that we’ve adopted as a standard is more than just a “store policy”. Every single member of our team was selected for their built-in standards of service. We’ve all worked together in previous employment, and have all seen the experience that great service can provide. To us, there is no level below that. It’s the best, all the time. 

At WMI, we’re a small team. Jesse, our artist is recently married with one son. Dave, our tech /service master has two kids, and myself (Evan) have one daughter, and another on the way. We’ve all got families and live out a far from normal life in the paintball industry. The thing is that many of the businesses you come across in Paintball are part-time businesses. Meaning the owners have a full-time job, and paintball is just there for some extra money. 

We’re far too committed to what we do to make this a side job. Simply, you’re too important for that. We don’t want to only answer emails 1-2 days a week. We don’t want to not have a phone number for you to get a hold of us. We don’t want to miss seeing you at events every single weekend throughout the summer. No, you’re far too important for that. So we spend our days churning out all of the awesome new toys you guys and girls are ordering every day. 

Last, but probably most important to mention is the long list of local charities we support. Every year we’re contacted by hundreds of players to support their events or causes, and we try to help out in any way possible. But that’s just a baby step. I’m sure you’ve noticed the many Limited Edition patches we’ve offered. Those support a variety of charities, like the United Way, Soldier On Campaign, Ontario Police Memorial Foundation, Canadian Cancer Society and more. 

Well, that’s it for standing on my soapbox, but I thought you’d just like to know a little more about the people that make this company tick. Some of them are pretty awesome, except that Evan guy…