About Us

WMI Sports Ltd. was founded in 2012 through a passion for paintball, gear, and diversity. Never satisfied with what was on the shelf, we set out in ventures with talented creators to design and manufacture some of the most unique, reliable and functional gear that paintball has seen. As noted with the Skunkworks WidowMaker Kydex holster line, a new standard was created for what a holster should be. Ergonomics, weight, materials and even complex geometric planning went into the design of this holster that has been often imitated but never even close to rivaling. 

Alongside this, we also launched The Patch Panel. Now known as one of the biggest sources for collectible patches, morale patches, and custom patches, The Patch Panel has expanded into a full-scale distribution level, offering retail stores the access to a huge selection at unbeatable prices. 

In early 2013 we launched a partnership with Stark Pursuit becoming Canada's EXCLUSIVE distributor of the ZetaMag. What does exclusive mean? It means that if you find one on a shelf anywhere in Canada, it came through our doors and back out them at some point. The ZetaMag again is a unique product offering endless thought into the user experience, ergonomics, materials, and weight. Stark Pursuits team are nothing short of artists and geniuses. Just the kind of people we love to work with.  

July 2013 brought us our biggest step yet, the announcement that we would take over EXCLUSIVE Canadian distribution of MILSIG Industries Paintball (Taiwan) Products. Opening the floodgates of one of the most affordable, reliable and longest standing MagFed brands on the market. This partnership was focussed on stringent standards of customer service and creating an unparalleled customer experience through their MILSIG Direct program. 

In January 2014, MILSIG Industries Paintball (Taiwan) launched its much-anticipated line of M17 markers encompassing lightweight hybrid polymer/steel designs as well an unmatched mechanical full auto blow forward engine that uses only one internal o-ring. 

Since the beginning of our short history, we've grown in more ways than we can explain. Our focus has shifted, but not in the ways that you might think. As we grew, we saw some issues in the current workplace and decided to focus our resources on improving those issues. One of the most notable being employment. We believe that a diverse team of staff helps us create and continue to redefine the levels of service, as well as products offered. Since the beginning, we've grown from one guy in his basement to a team of 3 full time and 4 part-time staff. In this growth, we've provided jobs for artists, veterans, and the disabled, as well as the handy people that work behind the scenes to help your order make it into your hands in a timely manner.