GRIZEN RipWinder Magazine Winding tool
GRIZEN RipWinder Magazine Winding tool
GRIZEN RipWinder Magazine Winding tool
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GRIZEN RipWinder Magazine Winding tool

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We get it, we're all sick of winding magazines, but it's a reliable system used by the majority of MagFed paintball marker manufacturers. Well, there's a simple way to solve all of that winding with the RipWinder. 

Simply align the slot with your MILSIG, Tippmann, Honorcore, Maxtact, Tiberius, First Strike, or pretty much any other magazine with a winder, and give it a pull. 

Extensive testing has revealed several results:

-Most magazines can be wound in a single pull using the RipWinder

-Tiberius/First Strike magazines can present an inconsistent level of winding tension, that can sometimes jam the cord within the RipWinder. A simple tug of the cord when removed from the magazine will loosen the cable and reset the RipWinder. Due to the sporadic experience, this was tested on over 100 different FirstStrike magazines with variable results. These results were not experienced with any other brand of magazine. 

U.S. and International Patents Pending.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Loving It!!! Great innovation!

Love to see more inventive products from the Grizen lineup!!! Long live Grizen!!

A MUST for all your winding mags

Ripwinder is a tool you need when you go playing, makes reloading so easy and fast. Keep it up Grizen.

Great winders

Fast and easy way to wind all your mags. When your in a dog fight this can save you time on reloading and it saves your fingers.

Missing lube, otherwise it's great!

It was a bit rough then i opened it, put some jig a loo on every moving parts, tadaaaa, works like a charm. I'd love a ring to put my finger in because I let go the cord a couple times and it snapped my finger, hurts more then it seems. It is a really decent price for what it does, it speeds up the process of reloading quite a bit.

Revolutionary Product

This little piece takes the tediousness out of constantly winding your magazines. It simplifies it greatly; just place over the winding knob and pull the handle (like BeyBlade). A great piece to own, and is rather fun too. Let it rip!

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