TMC SG 2.0 Magazine Carriers.

As the technology behind tactical gear advances, gear snobs like us keep a watchful eye on the latest and greatest. When these caught our eyes, we were hooked. Once we used them, it was set in stone. Over the past few months, we've been playing with these pouches to figure out if they're the 'right' fit. We had to take many factors into consideration during this time to ensure that we had found something great. Afterall, we don't want you to buy a product from us that we wouldn't use ourselves. 

Solely from the look, you see that these pouches aren't of any standard design, comprising mostly of injection molded parts. The inner body of the pouch is a rubber layer, with nylon accessories stitched directly into the surface. The inner rubber liner acts as a grip pad while remaining extremely flexible. The nylon attachments are rigid, yet flexible. You can stomp up and down on one of these all you want, you're not going to break it. 

Adjustable retention comes in the form of interweaved shock cord that can be tightened or loosened to suit your ideal retention. To this note, this will also allow you to mount your pouches upside down without hesitation or fear that you'll find yourself short a mag or two. 

On the back side, you'll find standard holster mounting patterns, allowing you to use your favorite holster mount if you see fit. 

The Pistol versions include three mounts, MOLLE, Stack (to stack on top of a rifle pouch), or Belt, while the rifle options only include MOLLE mounting options. 

What else do you need to sweeten the deal? How about the fact that they're only $20CAD each?