The BIGGEST change the M17 has ever seen!

M17 M17 CQC M17A2

At MILSIG, we’ve always felt it important to provide an overwhelming level of value with our products. From function to simplicity, to a legendary level of customer service. With the absolutely massive adoption of the M17 line over the past 4 years, we have whizzed past a life worth of milestones. The amazing support and belief provided by you, the players, has been paramount to what we feel is an unimaginable level of success for the MILSIG brand. 
As the 4th year of the M17 is upon us, we continue to strive to improve, and grow as a company on all levels. To return the favor of everything you have done for us, we are happy to announce a significant price drop to the new M17A2 marker. The immense support over the last four years has covered our investments in molds, design, and parts, combined with a near elimination of warranty related issues have allowed us to correct the price of the M17A2 to $249.99 CADD. 
Adding to this, the 20 round .68 caliber magazines will also find a new price of $24.99 CAD. This puts a nearly 40% price drop on both products. 
With recent independent studies comparing the M17A2 with markers at nearly double, it’s price, this new price point puts the M17A2 marker on par for accuracy with markers nearly four times its price. Adding the included Mechanical Full-Auto that requires no extra kits or upgrades, and the single dynamic o-ring design, there is nothing out there that comes close to the value of the M17A2. 
As we step forward into 2018 and the future, we will be continuing to offer the support, and event sponsorship you’ve come to know, while hi-lighting the talent and design of members of our community by offering production assistance, and rewarding those who continue to strive to make our products better, more customizable, and help you have a better on field experience. 

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