After The Dust Settles: R&D Developments MagFed Only Wildlands event.

On November 4th, about 100 players descended on Flag Raiders Paintball in Waterloo, Ontario for R&D Developments annual MagFed game, themed after Ubisoft's Wildlands game. Having played in their Division themed event last year, I was pretty excited to experience another creation of the developer duo Riley and David.

In the world of paintball, these two are relatively unknown. With only a few events under their belts, you'd never know though. From our experience last year, we weren't let down. The missions within the game were written for the field, and well thought out in order to create an immersive environment that required more than just "find this" or "take out this". Every mission seemed to have a sub-plot that tied itself into the next mission, requiring teams to stay one step ahead as to not lock themselves out of the next mission. 

The Flag Raiders field layout made for some pretty challenging firefights, advancements, and even retreats. I was joined by Dave, Jordan, Ben, and Kody, bringing "fire team fat guy" back into the world of paintball for this event. The one thing I can say with absolute certainty is that this game would have been an absolute nightmare without a cohesive team environment. Being on the winning team, I can say that this victory came from the unified mindset, and squad tactics used throughout the game. Even better, stray players like ourselves were quickly welcomed into active squads for missions. 

I have to say, the above is what makes MagFed as amazing as it is. The challenge laid out by the opposing general forced us to operate at 100% all day, which, well, for a bunch of us older guys resulted in a painful, yet rewarding Sunday to follow the game. 

The only thing I'd like to see more of in this event is players. Granted, it was a bit chilly, but the paint shot well, and the crowd was ready for battle all day. We're definitely going to wait impatiently for next years game to be announced, and maybe if we're lucky we'll see more than one from these guys. 

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