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Defcon Paintball Canada will no longer be selling MILSIG products.

MILSIG strives to provide an unparalleled experience to its customers along with a knowledgeable and friendly service experience. It has come to our attention on multiple occasions that this promise is not being fulfilled by one of our retailers. We take customer concerns very seriously, and as such we have spoken to Defcon Paintball Canada and decided that it is not in our best interest to continue allowing access to MILSIG products at their two retail, as well as online locations.  These decisions do not come easily, or lightly, but our customers will always come first. We will not be providing any specific details as to any events that lead to this decision. 

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The life and times of the MILSIG M17 CQC.

It's finally that time. The M17 CQC revolutionized MagFed and has become what is likely the best-selling MagFed marker in history. This will always be a debate that many will argue over but in the three and a half years since it has launched, and the hundreds of thousands of markers in floating around the planet, we can't ignore what we've seen, and that is more M17's per game than any other MagFed marker. It's fine, I know you're already feverishly hammering into the comments section to tell me while I'm wrong. When the M17 CQC first launched in late January of 2014, even we couldn't have expected the literal onslaught that pursued it. Within hours, entire reserves of hundreds of...

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